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Site facelift taking longer than I thought so in the spirit of the site "work in progress" am putting it up and just keep working at it


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Welcome to my website I started it mainly to try out my hand at webdesign. It runs on 100% open source software. Over time it has become a way for me to keep intouch with family and friends.Everything in here is a work in progress. So even if you visit and it's down just try it later, after a couple of hours or the next day, am probably trying to fix something "old hardware".


Just did a face lift of the site and am trying to figure out wheather I like it. I will give it sometime and see. Just got an open source css template and I like it. It's easier to work with just edit one file and changes everything across the site or most of it anyway.

I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux with
The Linux Foundation!